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The Truth

THIS IS IMPORTANT : I've seen these films and they will make you cry, they will make you laugh and admire the resilience of humans, I also think that they may make us better Canadians.

The Truth and Reconciliation process calls all Canadians to account. We must listen to these stories, as they are a part of our shared past. We've been lied to by public education system; assimilation was not a harmless equalizer, we must re-educate ourselves. It is time that we heard the truth. It is our collective obligation to bare witness to the impact of this so recent harm and begin the healing process by opening our minds and eyes to the reality of our Aboriginal past and future. In addition to these films Frieda Paul will speak of her experience in Nova Scotia Residential schools with an Opening prayer from Elder Billy Lewis.

I'm grateful to all who have helped this event come together and for the Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Center for hosting. Ann Verrall, Don Awalt, Debbie Eisan, Janine Windolph, Trudy Stewart and Shortworks Production.


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