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I am an entrepreneur; it is my goal and great pleasure to invest energy, ideas and innovation into the creation of opportunities, experiences and successful projects. I specialize in making artistic projects and ventures economically feasible by organizing and orchestrating the elements of production.  


My professional experiences have centered on cultural production, business management, property development and small enterprise. I have a broad understanding of the functions that make up a successful enterprise.


My background includes experience in the management of public events and the development of private sector business in diverse areas, including: operations, regulatory compliance, finance/funding, accounting, web-based marketing, community & creative sector development.


My education in philosophy and development studies has given me a unique capacity to examine my experiences in business and event management, I see the important role well-organized public events play in today's enterprise driven creative economy and socio-political landscape.


I have undertaken entrepreneurial projects in a number of diverse fields, including: independent arts production, venue facilitation, not-for-profits, property development, local economies, community development, ecological sustainability, internet application development and website design. I have served as a board member for Theatre Nova Scotia, The Center for Art Tapes, Red Clay Studio Society, CFAT, and Kenomee Trails Society, as well as working with the North End Business Association developing their cultural programming.


For the past seven years I have pursued my diverse entrepreneurial interests, worked under contract for others and developed my art practice; this proves my ability to multi-task, and synergize the skills i’ve developed through my work, and creative interests.

  • Business development, marketing and communications

  • Strategic planning and development

  • Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Project and operations management

  • Budgeting, financial reporting and analysis

  • Regulatory compliance, audit and risk management

  • Government, stakeholder and partner relationships

  • Human resources, employee motivation and engagement

  • Venue operations

  • Project consultation

  • Arts facilitation

  • Business management

  • Teaching

  • Web development

  • Communications

  • Public Relations


I have worked professionally as a photographer (2003 - 2010), and maintain a sketchbook practice. I have flipped properties, earning with that an ability to do basic electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and drywalling (2003-2013). I am a gardener, beekeeper and builder. I have directed five full theatrical productions and two musicals (2002 - 2004), I am a lighting designer, set designer, technician and stage manager and producer of five festivals annually and over 100 showcases, fundraisers and events. I am a theatre and film actor.

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