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I am an entrepreneur; it is my goal and great pleasure to invest energy, ideas and innovation into the creation of opportunities, experiences and successful projects. I specialize in making artistic projects and ventures, economically feasible, by organizing and orchestrating the necessary elements of production.  


My professional experiences have centered on cultural production, business management, property development and small enterprise.


I have a broad understanding of the functions that make up a successful enterprise. My background includes experience in the management of public events and the development of private sector business in diverse areas, including: operations, regulatory compliance, finance/funding, accounting, web-based marketing, community & creative sector development.


I have undertaken entrepreneurial projects in a number of areas of interest, including: independent arts production, venue facilitation, property development, local economies, community development, ecological sustainability, and internet application development. I have served as a board member for Theatre Nova Scotia and Red Clay Studio Society as well as worked with the North End Business Association developing their cultural programming.








My education in philosophy and development studies has given me a unique reflective capacity to examine my experiences in business management and the important role it plays in today's enterprise driven creative economy.

  • (2009) Combined Honours Degree In International Development Studies, (Dalhousie University) and Contemporary Studies Programme (King's) Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

  • (2004) High School Graduate, Honour Role Distinction, Havergal College, Toronto Ontario, Canada.

  • (2011) Courses: Business Management, Accounting, Bar Management, Website Development, (Nova Scotia Community College) Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.




My work has been given me exceptional opportunities to develop hands on experience with varied skills that allow me to operate as a venue operator, project consultant, arts facilitator, business manager, teacher, web developer and independent artist.




For the past four years I have pursued both entrepreneurial interests while developing my own art practice, practicing, applying and developing the skills I have learned through my work, life experience and interests: Business development, marketing and communications; Strategic planning and development; Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship; Project and operations management; Budgeting, financial reporting and analysis; Regulatory compliance, audit and risk management; Government, stakeholder and partner relationships; Human resources, employee motivation and engagement.




I have worked professionally as a photographer (2003 - 2010), and developed a sketchbook practice filled with cabin designs, good advice, and portraits (2012-Present). I have flipped a house and undertaken the renovation of a theatre, earning with that an ability to do basic electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and have gotten pretty good at drywalling (2003-2013). I have also taken up practice gardening, beekeeping, forestry, and brewing mead. I have directed five full theatrical productions and two musicals (2002 - 2004), am a lighting designer, set designer, technician and stage manager and co-producer of five festivals and over 50 showcases, fundraiser and event. I am a theatre actor, and have starred in a feature length film (2014). In high school  I volunteered in Swaziland (Africa) constructing an elementary school, helping in the rural community (2004 and 2002). At the age 16 myself and five other young women undertook a fifty day exploratory canoe trip (2002).




THE BUS STOP THEATRE COOPERATIVE      October 2012 to September 2015             ROLE: Executive Director


Established a Not for Profit Nova Scotia registered Co-operative that provides independent artist with an affordable performance venue. Created an extensive business plan for organization's growth regarding building a cultural institution that is sustainable. Established new infrastructural system and helped to network the skills and resources of creative professionals. Developed relations with programming partners. Created a tiered membership system and piloted 10 new related services. Provided operations and financial management support, research and development, and cultivated strategic partnerships.


DAVINCI INSTITUTE                                  October 2014 - January 2015                   ROLE: Instructor


Taught adults a 36 hour, 12-week introductory college finance and account with a event management focus. Created teaching curriculum, handouts, evaluation rubrics and assignments.


CENTER FOR ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY     October 2013 - January 2014                   ROLE: Instructor


Taught adults a 36 hour, 12-week introductory bookkeeping and accounting course to event management college students using McGraw Hill curriculum.


                                                                                     2010 - 2013                   ROLE: Managing Director

Took over independent arts venue and business. Developed strategies to address substantial debt and despite difficult community politics developed the brand significantly without a marketing budget and stabilized its profitability within the first year. Developed the business plan, internal controls, contracts, waivers, leases and practices for the operation of a 149 person, licensed venue, in the north end of Halifax.


                                                                                     2011 - 2013                   ROLE: Technical Director

Developed the inventory and technical staff to serve the diverse needs of Bus Stop Theatre's clients. This can be as expansive 12 piece bands, plays with casts of 30, live to the internet broadcasting; or as simple as a lecture, comedy night or film screening . Responsible for training staff for the operation and installation sound and lighting equipment. Consult with clients regarding budget needs and schedule, access to the space and equipment required.



                                                                                     2009 – Present                 ROLE: President and Secretary

Established Nova Scotia Limited Company to contribute to local economy and hold the building and mortgage which the theatre resides in as the principal commercial tenant. To support the Bus Stop Project, I manage and develop the lobby, bar, residential and other commercial leases also located on premise. The apartments have been renovated to ensure the energy efficiency of the units, and to help develop the value of the units and excellent relations with tenants.


                                                                                     2009 – Present                 ROLE: Bar Manager

The bar and its liquor license are unique to the theatre and require the maintenance of good relations with AGD and the inspection and compliance officers. Established bar protocol under new licensing restrictions, and handles all staff hiring training. Schedules, stocks and does all bar bookkeeping and acts as contact for regulations and compliance.


ONTARIO 1345027 LTD                                                  2005 – 2009                  ROLE: Property Manager

Served as primary contact and landlord for several properties, primarily student residences, handling all concerns related to rent payment, property upkeep, selection of tenants, emergencies.










Film: The Canoe, by Alex Balkam (2015) - Lead Actor

Stage: All of our Fathers by Evan Brown (2014) - Beth

Film: Stand by Tree by Clare Waque (2013) - Lead Actor

Stage: Never Swim Alone by Daniel MacIvor (2008) - Girl

Stage: Lysistrata by Sophocles (2004) - Myrrhine



Tournament of Lies, scene: Garry William, nominated for Merritt award, 2013

Black Box Dream (2012)

Problems With Authority (2012)

Urinetown (musical) (2009)

Marat / Sade By Peter Weiss (musical) (2008)

Oedipus Rex by Sophocles  (2005)

The Museum by Tina Howe (2004)

Don Juan in Chicago by David Ives (2003)


Video Artists

Love Songs to a Building (2015)

Rather be chopping wood (2014)

How to build community (2013)

Stand by Tree (2012)

Transformations (2011)

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