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A decade of working within not for profits and as a independent artist have taught me a thing or two about grant writing.

I gladly take on contracts to write for other organizations, accept as payment a percentage of granted funds or hourly rate.


I have a 4/5 batting average for successful grants.


I require a delegate from the board or staff be able to  commit to working on project's development and deliverables.

I believe that a well written grant should be the blue print for the project and provide a session to to go over the proposed work with the staff hired to execute. I will also work as a project manager and build my fee into the cost of the grant.

You can see samples of grants & proposals I've worked on below. 

       BSTC Project Grant                            BSTC Operating Grant                              RCSS Project Grant
   Birch Cove Blue Mountain Trail Plan                     Seawall  Proposal                        Parks Canada  Proposal   
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