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Workshirt Opera Premier Production: Orlando

In the early days of this winter Michael Lake the Executive Director of Workshirt Opera gathered a group of theatre creator's, actors and designers to explore Sarah Ruhl's Orlando, and new adaptation of Virginia Woolfe's trans gendered literary classic. I was delighted to join this talented team which included: Colleen MacIsaac, Dan Bray, Garry Williams and Jake Willett. I was cast as the lovely but devious Sasha, and adopted a role in the play as a production designer, working with an overhead projector, cut outs and shadow puppetry to help illuminate the play and as a way for my character to toy with the rest of the play. Thank you to the Cast and Crew with included Chelsea Dickie, Ross Uger and Johnny Cann <3 The play is a touring show and could come to a space near you.

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